City council of Erlangen, Germany to discuss honorary citizenship for whistleblower Chelsea Manning

Picture: Chelsea Manning 2018. CC-BY-SA 2.0 Fredrik Lundhag

Left group in city council has asked Manning before to ensure a public hearing

We, the "Erlanger Linke" - part of the city coucil of Erlangen, Germany, have filed a parliamentary motion to the city council to give the honorary citizenship to whistleblower and political prisoner Chelsea Manning. Manning helped to inform the public about US war crimes. One famous piece of evidence was the Video collateral murder". The public owes her also a lot of knowledge about the torture camp of Guantanamo.

For leaking these informations Mannings was condemned to 30 years of prison. Pardoned by President Clinton in 2018 she was incarcerated again in 2019 to force her to testify against other whistleblowers as Julian Assange. Chelsea Manning will not cooperate, she has said, she'd "rather starve to death".

We deeply respected her consequent and valiant denial to submit to these demands. By demanding the honorary citicenship we want our home town show solidarity.

The public should be grateful to Manning, for her contributions to uncover the truth about US war crimes and about Guantanamo.

For us as the left (e.g. socialist) group in the city council, Manning is a "political prisoner" and even more so since the day where she has again been incarcerated to force her to testify against other whistleblowers.

The city of Erlangen had a US garrison. This creates a special relation and a piece of common history with the United States. For us Chelsea Manning is a model of the "american values" germans have learned in school after WW2. Saying "I was only following orders" is no longer enough since 1945 after the "Nuremberg prinicples" that were first announced in the War Crimes Tribunal in our Neighbour town of Nuremberg.

We want the city council to process our motion in public session. To avoid a closed session under the false excuse of "privacy" we asked for and got Chelsea Mannings permission for publicly processing the motion demanding honorary citicenship.